Note: MS Office downloads may be macro-enabled (e.g. docm/dotm/xlsm). Macros are necessary for them to work. Download and use at your own risk. If you are unfamiliar with these, please read this and this.

Excel RIS file generator for Logos/Zotero

Excel Workbook for building a RIS export of a Logos library. The RIS file can be imported into Zotero. You can supply a tag to easily identify imported records, limit the records by type and those added after a certain date, and generate L4 links so Logos resources can be opened directly form Zotero on your desktop. See here for more information.


Excel Workbook to Import Corpus Corporum Search Results

Excel Workbook to import XML files of search results from the Corpus Córporum online Latin repository from the University of Zürich. Simply run the ‘ParseCCXMLFile’ macro. Subsequent searches can be imported into the same workbook. The metadata (search parameters) for each search will be recorded on one worksheet with the actual results on another.


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