Thomas Cardinal Cajetan’s Old Testament Canon

Cardinal Cajetan was an opponent of Martin Luther but Cajetan's Old Testament Canon views were in opposition to what his church would later dogmatize.
1870 (oil on canvas) painting of Martin Luther and Thomas Cardinal Cajetan during the controversy over Luther’s 95 Theses. By Pauwels, Ferdinand Wilhelm (source).

Thomas Cardinal Cajetan (1469–1534) is best known for challenging Martin Luther, early in Luther’s 16th century effort to reform corruption in the Western church. Cajetan was a leading theologian and papal legate in Augsburg who served as a spokesman for Catholic opposition to Luther. In many respects, the historical record paints Cajetan as an intelligent, measured interlocutor. Sympathy with the need for reform and agreement with some positions of his opponent(s) are evident in his views. With this perspective in mind, what can we learn from Cajetan’s Old Testament canon views?

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