Word Count for Each Chapter in the Bible

I recently sat down to work on a Bible reading plan for the coming year. There are many great plans out there but I want to outline a custom plan, for various reasons. I also want the length of daily readings to be fairly consistent, hence my interest in the word count for each chapter. Surprisingly, this information seems rather difficult to locate. I found word counts for books and interesting counts/stats for the Old Testament. Interesting stuff but not what I want. At the first link, comments from 2019 suggest others have had similar difficulty finding this information.

I also found that trying to understand methodologies for counting “words” is mind numbing. Fortunately, I don’t really care how “words” are counted, or about differences in original languages, translations, or anything else that may be relevant for other applications. Relative numbers are all I really need for developing a balanced plan.

Before getting too deep into a rabbit hole, I remembered a spreadsheet I put together a few years ago. I don’t know where I got all the data but it has every verse for five different public domain Bible translations (ASV, BBE, KJV, WEB, and YLT). Adding a few columns to calculate the word count, then a pivot table for totaling by chapter didn’t take very long. The formula I used to calculate the word count for each verse is here. The table below has the word count for each chapter (based on 66 books) and can be exported as a CSV.

Hopefully others will find this helpful. Merry Christmas!

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