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The origins of the Eliakim-Peter typology claim

Modern Roman Catholic apologists defend the papacy by arguing Eliakim, an Old Testament steward in the Davidic monarchy is a typological prefiguration of Peter in the New Testament. Their typology draws parallels between Isaiah 22 and Matthew 16. It’s a very new interpretation of these passages with no real roots in history and one that defies sound Biblical hermeneutics. This series uncovers the origin of the claim, revealing who is responsible for it and why it is so popular.

Baptism before the 6th century (planned)

  • The Earliest Church Fathers and Apologies
  • The “Household” Baptisms in Scripture
  • The Origin of Origen’s Quotes About Infant Baptism
  • Known Baptismal Ages in the Early Church
  • Baptismal Archaeology and Geography
  • The Quote of All Baptism Quotes
  • Augustine’s Innovations
  • Shadows in the Water:
  • An Appeal for Baptismal Reform

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